Between the Bread, CBD

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Between the Bread is a sandwich/salad/soup shop I used to frequent for lunch at work. I recently stopped by to see if they’re still producing quality sandwiches that I used to remember.



I’m normally one to try the specials – their menu features an array of specials with either off-the-menu meats, cheeses or breads. In addition, they have a variety of soup/salad/sandwich combinations. Today, I stuck with the menu and ordered the Main Street sandwich on sourdough bread. The bread was lightly toasted and at a good size – big enough to hold its contents but not too big to stretch out my mouth like a dentist visit. One thing I always appreciate about BTB is the quality of ingredients. The meat is sliced well, and seasoned well (though I don’t think they cook it in location). The cheese is also sliced perfectly, and provides great balance to the sandwich. I love the bacon here – crispy, but not easy to fall apart. Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much bacon as I’d prefer. Accompanying the sandwich by default is a side of kettle chips (Zapp’s, I believe). ¬†They provide a nice heaping with the sandwich, which I normally don’t finish all the way through. Another option as a side is the pasta salad, which I normally order and enjoy very much.



The cost on most of the items reflects the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the slicing the meats/cheeses. However, you’ll find that the cost is well worth it – you get a good size food for what you pay. Some sandwich shops around the area short you for the same cost, or will have less-quality ingredients. BTB gets it right with portion size and quality, so the cost is at a great value.


During lunch hours, you’re pressed to find a seat for one, which is why I normally get my order to go. There are several tables for four throughout the main seating area, as well as several tables for two upstairs and two large couches for 1-3 people each. In addition, there are a handful of tables outside that can be prime real estate when the sun is out.


If you’re driving just to eat here, there are various metered spots, but not around the place itself on St Charles – check on Camp Street. The employees are attentive, but during lunch rushes, the wait time can be over 15 minutes sometimes. Store is closed for evenings, so don’t expect eating dinner there. The drink selection is a bit lacking – the iced teas are the typical batches sitting in the large¬†dispensers, while the soft drink choices are limited and only in cans.


Clearly this is a popular lunch destination, and for good reason. A number of people in the justice field (court employees, lawyers and aides) all come to fill their gullets between dockets. Four people maximum. $9.50 with a can of Diet Coke.


4 / 5

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