Louisiana Products, CBD

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Louisiana Products is a small grocery/deli that I frequent for small items (drinks, snacks) as well as meals (breakfast and lunch). They feature daily specials from their kitchen, as well as prepared sandwiches and salads daily. However, today I wanted to share with you one of their less-know, but best, offerings.


I can tell you that roast beef po-boy is my favorite kind, and this place has one of the best gravy flavors. It’s creamy, but not too heavy. It’s plentiful, but not enough to make the bread a wet sponge of deliciousness. The meat is soft and at the right thickness of slices to where you can still give it a bit of pull. The bread is a wider loaf, toasted for a great crust. The lettuce is your standard shredded variety found in most house salads, but when you go for a roast beef po-boy, lettuce isn’t your main focus, is it? This, combined with a Dr. Brown’s Creme Soda, is usually a reward for finishing off a week at work.




Most of the items purchased from the kitchen are fairly priced, and it’s a common courtesy to tip the staff for their great work. The quality of ingredients isn’t much different from the grocery store – it’s the handling and execution of cooking these ingredients where the value really is best. My po-boy was around 7″, and with a Dr. Brown’s (not a local distributor), the meal was $6.


Seating is sparse – the place isn’t exactly an eat-in locale. There are a handful of tables and benches/chairs, but with the volume of lunch eaters taking up the space, it’s difficult to find a place to eat – I’d suggest taking your meal to go.


This venue isn’t a standard eatery – there are shelves lined with your typical over-the-counter medicine, bags upon bags of various chips, cookies lining the counter at the register, and several refrigerators full of different drink offerings. Service times vary depending on how many people are there – the kitchen staff of four can get overwhelmed relatively easy, but it’s worth the wait. The staff has great breakfast offerings.


With limited seating, I’d suggest getting your order to go. If you’re looking to get full on the cheap, check this place out. Lots of huge lunch plates at a low cost. Also, if you’re looking for a light (or filling) breakfast, also come here.


3.5 / 5

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